Appreciation Event for your valued clients or patients!

As a Practitioner Member of the Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to promote and celebrate your business or practice, with an appreciation event for your current, and potential, clients or patients.

Similar to a ribbon cutting you may receive from other chambers,  but this benefit is a little different!

It is part of our mission to ensure everyone in your local community is aware of your products or services. It’s a unique way for the Health & Fitness Chamber Chamber to help market you and your business or practice. We’re here to help you help more people. Plus, show your current clients or patients how much they’re appreciated.

This service is available to Health & Fitness Chamber Members at the Practitioner Level.

What do we provide?

  • The ribbon, in your choice of color
  • The scissors
  • The photographer
  • The music and MC
  • Facebook event and promotion
  • LinkedIn event and promotion
  • Promotional posts on all chamber platforms
  • Included as a special event in regular email marketing
  • Posted on the Chamber’s Event Page
  • Featured in an upcoming newsletter (after event)

Chamber Package

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