The Las Vegas Health & Fitness Chamber of Commerce is committed to providing access to resources, practitioners, and education to ensure our community is aware of all available health, wellness and fitness options.

For the Chamber, community is both a feeling and a set of valuable relationships among members.  Members of our Chamber community have a sense of trust, belonging, safety, and caring for each other. They have an individual and shared sense that they can, as part of that community, influence their lifestyle, health, wellness and fitness goals, and each other.

Pricing Overview



Regular Annual $395



Regular Annual $495



Regular Annual $199



Regular Annual $249

Individual Membership Benefits


Community Members are individuals not engaged in providing health or business services. Community members are the general public interested in learning about alternative health, wellness and fitness options and finding providers in the area specific to their health, wellness and fitness goals and concerns.

Youth Community

Youth Community Members are the general public, 21 years of age or younger, interested in learning about alternative health, wellness and fitness options, and finding providers in the area specific to their health, wellness and fitness goals and concerns.

Networking Social Events

Members Receive 50% off Event Prices

Online Directory

Access and priority service to our online directory of alternative health, wellness and fitness providers

Community Outreach

We provide no cost educational seminars and introductions to alternative health, wellness and fitness modalities for better healthcare decisions

Quarterly Newsletter

Receive our Quarterly newsletter subscription


Attend Practitioner educational seminars

Patient/Client Appreciation Event

Guest registration reminders to attend all patient client appreciation events

Earn Membership Credits

1 Credit for each referred new paid member. Each credit = 33 1/3% of membership cost or 3 credits for Sponsorship. Max 3 credits per year

Pass Through Benefits

Community members receive discounts on products and services from Alliance Members

Event Calendar

Access to event calendar & registration page

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