Contact and Scheduling

  1. A current Member offers a Business Presentation at each of our meetings on the 1st AND 3rd Thursdays of each month.
  2. Schedule your presentation with our Education Coordinator, Vicki Coleman, PhD.
  3. Prepare your slidedeck in advance so your Coordinator can offer feedback prior to your date.V


  1. You must be a current paid Member of the Chamber.
  2. Your presentation is limited to 7 (seven) minutes during a meeting.
  3. Your spotlight will be promoted in pre-meeting announcements.

Recommendations for an Effective Presentation

  1. Prepare a slide deck (we suggest utilizing a tool such as PowerPoint) with your presentation.  Why?
    People learn more when they can both see and hear your message.
  2. Each slide should be talking points, no paragraphs. Images encouraged.
  3. Speak to the points on your slide.  You may add commentary.  But stick to your points so people know where you are.
  4. 1 minute max per slide – not too many points on a slide.  Changing slides every minute keeps peoples’ attention.  Have 7+ slides.
  5. Follow the mantra of repetition – people retain more
    • Tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em: (Orient your audience)
    • Tell ‘em (Deliver your message)
    • Tell ‘em what you told ‘em (Repeat what you’ve covered)
  6. Engaging your audience recommendations
    • What is the benefit of what you are offering – what will people receive/enjoy – focus delivering benefits;  what you do is how you get them there
    • Can you show proof from clients, testimonials- makes you credible
    • What is your purpose in presenting:
      – To inform?  Ask questions to see if people understand
      – To have them take action?  What’s your action step?  Be really clear what you want them to do.
      – Be sure to let members know a few very specific referrals you would like them to send your way.

How to Share on ZOOM

How to Share Your Slidedeck LIVE during the meeting. 
We invite you to share. Move your cursor to the bottom of your Zoom video, and this menu will pop up.
Click New Share when you begin, and Stop Share when we ask, after questions.

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