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It’s now the New Year of 2021 and we hope this year will lead to a much healthier and prosperous year for us all!

We’ve all been touched in some form or fashion of this horrible pandemic.
More than ever do we need to focus on taking preventative measure for our health and “gut” health is of the utmost importance along with a good diet and of course exercise.

Life Starts in the Gut
We talk about life starting in the gut and death sitting in the bowel. Yes death sits in the bowel just waiting to attack us in some form or fashion, which can lead to many diseases.

Doctors believe that much disease starts in the gut. And the sad part is that it sometimes doesn’t get discovered until it’s progressed to a more advanced stage.

Gut discomfort can range anywhere from pains and cramping in your tummy to not feeing anything at all, yet ugly things could still be taking place. Like developing polyps and that is why later in life we should do a colonoscopy for preventative measures.

The rumbling of your gut can merely mean that there is an imbalance taking place. Probiotics are always a remedy and help maintain the good bacteria we call the Flora.  Digestive enzymes are also important for an easier breakdown of foods, therefore helping the colon digest without any issues.
Lets talk for a moment about diet and exercise. 

A diet doesn’t necessarily mean “trying to lose weight”.  It’s what we put into our mouths.  Come on, lets be real. Look at peoples diets and what they eat. Remember the saying “You are what you eat.”

And let’s not forget about how many of us are sitting in front of computers sometimes literally all day with no or next to nothing of exercise.

If you don’t have a decent diet, be careful in those years to come. It’s really up to you to make the right choices and most of us already know what they are, but do we listen? NO!
Two quick tips for you. 
  1. Get up and move every hour for at least 5 mins. 10 minutes would be best.
  2. Prepare healthy snacks like carrots and celery to munch on instead of reaching for those cookies or chips. And if you don’t buy them, you won’t be tempted to eat them.
So to help in making some better health choices, consider Colon Hydrotherapy.  It can certainly make you feel better and prevent possible disease from occurring.

You feel so much better when you leave that many exercise and drink more water and become aware of what they are putting in their mouths.

Bringing inner health awareness to one’s self.
It’s truly amazing and that’s why I named my business Amazing Healing Waters!

I have literally saved clients from ever going back to an ER with gut issues. Clients that need to be on medication and have difficulties in having a bowel movement are now experiencing a healthy bowel movement without taking laxatives or stool softeners. Getting a regular treatment keeps you regular…. all my clients tell me.

Laxatives and other “helpers” that make you go have an adverse effect and over time can do you more harm than good.  The laxatives sometimes create gut discomfort. Feeling crampy, having diarrhea and only a minimal of relief. 
Colon hydrotherapy helps in those areas too. 
Till the next time!! 
Contact me to discuss the benefits and process of colon hydrotherapy.

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