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It all starts with the gut!

The state of our gut determines our overall health, including our ability to digest and eliminate foods, our level of immunity to diseases, and even our mental health.  Just type “gut health” into Google and you will be amazed at the explosion of research into how our digestive process is so determinant of the quality of our lives.

I created Amazing Healing Waters to respond to a gap in the market for a clinic that was focused exclusively on digestive and colon health. I wanted to have a place where people could come and share safely and confidentially about their gut health and whatever challenges they may be going through. Sadly, in most of the world, the subject is still very much taboo and there is a lot of embarrassment around talking about them.  People do not realize how common these problems are.   

Colon hydrotherapy addresses many bodily symptoms

I help people solve all kinds of discomfort in their bowel. If you suffer from constipation, bloating, gassiness, cramps, something feels stuck….bad breath, lower back pain and more, then colon hydrotherapy can be your answer. 

Unfortunately, using laxatives, stool softening products, X-gas, and whatever else over the counter, can actually, in the long run, result in further aggravation to your situation. These products offer temporary relief, but can often result in diarrhea, bloating, and left-over dried fecal matter in your colon which can get impacted in the many small crevices of the colon wall. 

My Own Journey to Colon Health

I heard about this treatment and thought it would be really cool to experience. 

I was right! I had had many party days in my time and wanted to cleanse. I found out that cleaning your colon can also help in cleansing your liver. And when you cleanse your gut you also clean up your bloodstream. 

I didn’t have any digestive issues to speak up, no constipation, gas, weight loss, etc, but did find out I had diverticulosis, which can lead to diverticulitis. 10% of people over age 40 and 50% over age 60 have diverticulosis.  So for me to keep a healthy gut became very important.

I enjoyed how I felt after a treatment. Less bloated, emptied, cleaner, hydrated or glowing as some people call it. It brought attention to my eating habits as well.  I liked this treatment so much that I did it numerous times within like 3 weeks.

I saw how amazing I felt, which led me to share with others.

Amazing Healing Waters was developed in 2012 and my success has been in helping others with  all digestive issues and bringing inner health awareness to one’s being.

How Colon Hydrotherapy Works

Colon hydrotherapy is essentially the irrigation of the large intestine. And the way that I do that here at Amazing Healing Waters is with something known as a closed loop system. So what that means is that everything’s contained within the line. So you’ll lay on a massage table, a new speculum is gently inserted into your anus, and then we’ll slowly start to fill your body with water. 

A lot of people don’t feel anything in the beginning. Then eventually you feel a pressure. That pressure builds until there’s a strong urge to release. When you reach that sensation, we release on the equipment. Everything flows out of your body via gravity and your own natural peristalsis through the line, through a view tube where you can look, should you choose to, before it drops down into the septic system. So there’s no sound, there’s no smell, there’s no pushing, everything’s contained.

Your job is to just lay there, relax, allow your body and the equipment to do everything for you. If it feels alright to you, I do abdominal massage throughout the process to help facilitate that release. The nature of a session is a series of those fills and releases. Each time, our goal is to be able to take the water a little further and a little deeper into your body.  Our large intestine is roughly five and a half feet long, so what we’re trying to do is soften and loosen the impacted matter that’s accumulated in your body.

At Amazing Healing Waters, I use a “closed” system.  That means I am with you throughout the treatment.  My role is to make you feel relaxed, adjust water pressure and create stimulation to the colon therefore creating bowel activity.  By contrast, an “open system” is where you are alone and unmonitored.  I can assure you that having a trained attendant with you, despite your initial shyness, results in a much more satisfying and educational experience.

If this is a first time, this can take a few sessions to remove old and built-up material.  

I highly recommend maintenance appointments to keep your colon bacteria free.

Happy Colon, Make Happy Poop, Make Jolli People!

 Let me help you on your health journey.  Contact me for a discussion.

 I look forward to sharing the amazing experience of colon hydrotherapy with you.

Jolli Neal


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