The 30-Day Healthy Diet Challenge

30 Day Challenge Reset

How about a 30-day challenge to create a healthy habit diet? 

Join me for a May 3rd 30 Day Reset and Healthy Diet Challenge.  Details below.
A challenge of any kind is meant for betterment, right?
  • Maybe a cooking challenge would take you a notch higher in your culinary expertise.
  • Maybe a fitness challenge would increase strength, endurance, and body muscle mass.
  • Maybe a 5k or marathon would give you significant accomplishment and confidence, or a show of support for a good cause.
  • There are lots of reasons for participating in challenges.

What would you expect to happen on a 30-day diet challenge?

Weight loss, sure–probably number 1 on most people’s list.  But that’s not the ONLY item we want to measure.

Let’s talk about non-scale victories.  What are some non-scale victories?  Weight loss is a goal, maybe the goal your first think about.  But a HEALTHY YOU is the real top goal, wouldn’t you agree? 

Non Scale Victories

Not all PROGRESS can be seen on the SCALE.

Here’s an example of a recent client who took on the 30-day challenge. We’ll call her Client A.  Client A took to heart the challenge and followed the program to a T.

She lost 14.5 pounds in the 30 days.  She lost 25 inches overall—now that’s one big non-scale victory.  Do you think she looked different—YES, she did!   People thought she lost much more than 14.5 pounds.  This is what excellent nutrition in a sound program can do for you.

Do you really need 30 days?

Let’s break it down.
Days 1 – 10:  General consensus is the first 1 through 10 days, the challenge is difficult.  You are changing eating patterns from the food you eat to the hours of the day.  You might have some stomach growls.    It’s unfamiliar, and it’s difficult.

Days 11-20:  The challenge is still a challenge.  It is still difficult.  You are getting the hang of it but it is not as difficult as the first ten days.

Days 21-30:  This is the final stretch of the challenge.  Here is where the sparkle happens.  Yes, sparkle!  You have adjusted to the new routine.  You are feelingLong-term lifestyle change good about yourself because you have made it this far!  You did not give up — you persevered like a champ! You have begun to see differences in your body!  You have been seeing those subtle non scale victories.  You have lost some weight!!  People are noticing.  You are liking what you see, and you are thinking this is not so bad!!  You weigh in and take your measurements!!

In Days 21-30, you have lost x number of pounds and xx number of inches. This is where you realize you have had a transformation— a healthy habit transformation!! Yes, you need 30 days.  Twenty days and “I’ll take a couple days off” will not do it.  You need to go the distance.  It is worth it!

THE CHALLENGE – Do it With Me.

We start together on Monday May 3, 2021.

You will need some products.  We have specially priced packages for the Challenge, to support your efforts!  Note that you will be replacing two meals a day with superfood shakes and have one balanced 400-600 calorie, healthy meals.  You will be saving on your grocery bill!

The support on the Challenge is phenomenal.  You will be invited to a private Facebook page where comments, information, recipes, all  kinds of useful tips will be available for you, as well as posting your comments.
Getting Results with the 30 Day Challenge



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