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30 Day Challenge Reset

The 30-Day Healthy Diet Challenge

How about a 30-day challenge to create a healthy habit diet?  Join me for a May 3rd 30 Day Reset and Healthy Diet Challenge.  Details below. A challenge of any kind is meant for betterment, right? Maybe a cooking challenge would take you a notch higher in your culinary expertise. Maybe a fitness challenge would

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networking meeting

Steps to Successful Networking

Not All Business Networking is Equal. Ever heard someone complain, “Networking doesn’t work.” Or, “My networking group hasn’t brought me a single new business referral?” On the other hand, you may have heard someone raving about their networking group as “The place to grow your business…quite the business referral generation machine.” But let’s dig a

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Collagen Skin Elixir

Collagen Skin Elixir – Step Into Your Glow

Introducing Collagen Skin Elixir So, what is collagen and what is all the fuss about? Collagen is a protein. It is a major building block in skin, bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. There are 3 types. Type 1 comprises 70% of our body’s protein, the most abundant protein we have; Type 1benefits skin, hair and

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7 Ways to Reduce Anxiety & Stress during Covid 19

Sometimes it seems like we’re getting close to the end of the whole ordeal with Covid – and other times it seems like it will never end. People are getting vaccinated, which is good, but now there are new strains and they still don’t know if those are even worse. It can feel like an

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colon hydrotherapy las vegas

Cleanse from the
Inside Out

STARTING YOUR NEW YEAR 2021, LET’S CLEANSE FROM THE INSIDE OUT It’s now the New Year of 2021 and we hope this year will lead to a much healthier and prosperous year for us all! We’ve all been touched in some form or fashion of this horrible pandemic.More than ever do we need to focus on

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Taking Time for Yourself too

Taking Time for Yourself

We often don’t have enough time for ourselves. We have so many commitments with our work, families, and other obligations that it prevents us from just relaxing, or expressing ourselves through art, music, or writing, or whatever replenishes us. It can affect our ability to problem-solve or think outside the box for creative solutions. Even

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amazing healing waters las vegas jolli neal

Colon Hydrotherapy Video

Are you interested in colon hydrotherapy?  That’s where a therapist works with you to flush toxins from your body, improve your excretion and overall health. It’s painless and comfortable, all under the watchful eye of colon hydrotherapist Jolli Neal, at Amazing Healing Waters in Las Vegas. Enjoy the video, then contact Jolli to learn how

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anger management the anger doctor victoria coleman phd las vegas

Anger Management
and Change

In the 21st century global economy, anger has become a major personal, family, organizational, institutional, and societal challenge.  Anger management involves change, including the acquisition of information about self and the environment.  The initial step in anger management is to acknowledge that one needs to change, as many individuals respond that they do not have

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today I am grateful

How to Overcome Negativity Bias with Gratitude

Negativity Bias is intensified by Traumatic Events of 2020 2020 is by far the most traumatic year the entire world has endured for a long, long time. The virus responsible for shutdowns and mask fights. Political deceit and grandstanding that led to schisms. Financial ruin of millions. Multiple examples of public excessive force followed by

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mouth ulcers and Juice Plus

Say Goodbye to Painful Mouth Ulcers**

Look familiar?  I used to get these ALL THE TIME, but so thankful that I don’t have to deal with the excruciating pain anymore.   If you have episodes of oral ulcers then you’ll relate to my story: I used to get these ulcers in my mouth constantly and they would last for weeks.  In fact,

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brain fog

4 Great Tips to Clear Away Brain Fog

Brain fog is something most people have experienced at at one point or another, and with all the stress of COVID, the election, and the natural disasters we’ve had this year, it’s worse than ever. Brain fog is real, It causes poor memory, confusion, and the inability to focus and think clearly. It can make

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holiday feast

Staying Healthy through the Holidays

Staying Healthy through the Holidays Greetings of the Season!  The Holiday season is just around the corner! Are you ready for the delicious food and treats, that we LOVE, and that LOVE us back to the tune of 5 to 13 pounds!  Yes!  It happens every year so get ready for it with all it’s

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colon hydrotherapy - Amazing Healing Waters LV

Colon Hydrotherapy in Las Vegas – Your Key to Health

It all starts with the gut! The state of our gut determines our overall health, including our ability to digest and eliminate foods, our level of immunity to diseases, and even our mental health.  Just type “gut health” into Google and you will be amazed at the explosion of research into how our digestive process

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World Interrupted by the Virus

Never in my lifetime did I think the world would stop. Sure, I’ve experienced moments when time stood still—the deaths of my twins, my mother, my father and two brothers. But that was just my personal world. Then came Rona (Corona Virus’ new nickname.) And the global shutdown. Rona imposed death, destruction, and massive uncertainty. Lives

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